Children and Contact Lenses

You are never too young or old to wear contact lenses.  Throughout your life, contact lenses can be an excellent way to correct your vision and provide a change from wearing glasses.

Children especially enjoy wearing contact lenses. It can boost the confidence of a shy or bullied glasses wearer. It can improve vision correction over the long term by simply ensuring your child wears the correct prescription all day (rather than risking them not wearing their glasses) It allows freedom to enjoy sports without the risk of injury or the worry of glasses falling off or getting in the way. Most schools require children to remove their glasses for sports to reduce the possibility of injury in the event of falling or being hit in the face. However this often increases the risk of a child having a fall or accident and it makes it very difficult to enjoy sport when you  can’t see properly!

Contact lenses are the ideal, safe, easy solution. Children of any age are safe to wear lenses. And once taught by us how to safely insert and remove the lenses and how to look after their eyes, contact lens wear in children is as safe as it is in adults.

We usually suggest daily disposable lenses as the first lens of choice for children. These lenses are the easiest to use and offer the best health benefits. They are also economical if your child should loose or break one. The lenses are single use thus eliminating the need to clean or store the lens which can be difficult for children to comply with.

Children often find contact lenses much easier to use than you may think. We spend lots of time explaining and showing them how to insert and remove the lenses. All our staff are extremely patient and experienced at working with children of all ages.