Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does an appointment take?

    A standard consultation will take around 30 minutes.

  • Do you bulk bill medicare?

    In most instances National Vision Optometrists bulk bills Medicare for your eye examination; you pay nothing for the examination. Medicare pays the optometrist 85 per cent of the examination fee and that is accepted by us as full payment. Additional testing, such as digital retinal photography and Ocular Coherence Topography (OCT) are not eligible for a Medicare rebate but may be recommended in the best interests of your eye health.

  • Are contact lenses safe to wear?

    As long as you follow the recommended wearing schedule and advice from your optometrist, contact lenses are perfectly safe to wear.  Newer materials allow unprecedented amounts of oxygen to the eye, ensuring long-term health.
  • How often should I get my eyes checked?

    Medicare bulk bills for routine eye examinations every 3 years for under 65 and every year for over 65 years. However if you experience any problems or vision change within this time it is important to seek advice and help from one of our optometrists. These additional visits are most often covered by Medicare also.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.  Early detection of changes to your vision and/or health of your eyes is the key to saving your most important and often undervalued sense – sight.

  • I have 'spots' floating around in my eye should I be worried?

    Spots and floaters are usually harmless. Most people have them in one or both eyes and can be seen easily when looking at a bright background in good light. However if new floaters and flashing lights occur it must be checked by your optometrist as soon as possible as there is a chance it could lead to a retinal detachment.

  • I have some more questions but I don’t see the answers here who can I speak to?

    If your question isn’t answered feel free to ring any of our stores and talk to any of our friendly staff. They will all be willing and able to help answer all your questions.

Still Have Questions?